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2m Conseils has developed many skills and a know-how acknowledged in multiple business environments.

Our areas of expertise are essentially based on our extensive background:

  • Entreprise Content Management (ECM) - Document management
  • Business Process Management (BPM) - Workflow
  • Organization - Logistical flows - Data flows
  • Reporting - Business Activity Monitoring
  • Training - E-Learning
  • Data migration / ERP Implementation
  • Security - Data encryption tool


  • Development of data archiving strategies and concepts
  • Risk management for the banking compliance department
  • Archiving of bank payments flow data
  • Workflow of unusual money transfer orders management
  • Reporting and business activity monitoring for the banking Compliance department
  • Financial and Human Resources data archiving SAP to Hypersuite Finnova
  • Migration of leading banks’ multiple SAP systems
  • Securing documents' flow through encryption